Number of dice to roll

During each attack, dice are rolled by the attacking and defending players. The more dice that are rolled, the greater the consequences of each attack. You can customize how many dice are rolled by human players when they attack.

Choose Preferences from the iConquer application menu, then click the Attack tab.

If you select 1, both attacking and defending players will roll one die, and one player will lose an army.

If you select 2, each player will roll up to two dice. If both players roll two dice, two armies will be lost.

If you select 3, the attacking player can roll up to three dice and the defending player can roll up to two. At most two armies will be lost, but the attacking player has a greater chance of winning.

The number of dice rolled by either country is never more than the number of armies in that country. If the attacking player wins, armies left over from the attack must be moved into the counquered country.

The default setting is 2.