You can attack from any country you own with at least one army.

Click the country you want to attack from to select it.

You can attack any adjacent enemy country.

Click a country to attack it.

Each time you attack, dice are rolled for the attacking and defending countries. The number of dice rolled by the attacking country is either 1, 2, or 3, as determined by the dice to roll preference. The number of dice rolled by the defending country is either 1 or 2. The number of dice rolled by either country is never more than the number of armies in that country.

If the highest die rolled by the attacker is greater than the highest die rolled by the defender, then the defender loses an army. Otherwise, the attacker loses an army. If both players rolled at least two dice, the next-highest dice rolled by each player are compared in a similar fashion.

If the attacking country wins an attack against a defending country with no armies, that attacking player captures that country. Any armies left over from the attack must be moved into the conquered country.

The process of rolling dice is not represented on screen. Rather, the results of each attack are displayed immmediately.

Attacks per click

Depending on the attacks per click preference, each click may:

Army advancement

Depending on the advance armies preference, armies are advanced to the conquered country automatically or manually. If they are advanced automatically, all armies are advanced. If they are advanced manually, you can place armies in either the attacking or conquered country.

Eliminating players

When conquering a player's last country, they are eliminated and you capture their cards. If this causes you to have five or more cards, you must turn in cards in the middle of your turn.

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