Publishing via FTP

KavaTunes can automatically upload your catalog to your web server via FTP. Choose File Publish via FTP, or click the Publish via FTP button in the toolbar.

You can enter the connection information, such as the server, user name, and password, in the Publishing preferences.

When you Publish via FTP, the program will publish the catalog to your hard disk first. Then it will synchronize the local files with the files on your server. Because it only uploads files that have been changed, updates will proceed relatively quickly.

If the server unexpectedly disconnects, KavaTunes will try to reconnect automatically. If it can't reconnect after several tries, it will display an alert and offer to start the process again.

When the catalog is complete, the program will open the catalog in your web browser. You can customize the URL for the catalog in the Publishing preferences.

If you don't have a server that supports PHP and FTP, choose “Get Hosting” from the application menu. KavaSoft has partnered with Host for Web to offer full-featured web hosting from only $4.99 per month. As an added benefit, you can get a personalized domain name for your website.