Publishing locally

To publish your catalog, choose File Publish Catalog, or click the Publish Catalog button in the toolbar.

KavaTunes will then create a web catalog in your websites folder. You can customize where the catalog is saved in the Publishing preferences.

To view the catalog, Personal Web Sharing must be turned on and PHP must be enabled. If Personal Web Sharing is not on, KavaTunes will prompt you to turn it on. If PHP is not enabled, it will offer to enable it for you.

The catalog consists of templates that describe the appearance of the catalog, and data files that contain information about your music. First the program will create the templates. Then, it will create data files for each playlist, genre, and artist.

KavaTunes includes a 150-pixel version of each album's artwork in the catalog. You can choose to include the full-size artwork as well. This will allow you to click on artwork to open it in a browser popup window, but it will also increase the file size of your catalog.

When the catalog is complete, the program will open the catalog in your web browser.

You can serve your catalog from your own computer using Web Sharing, or upload the catalog via FTP to your web server. See the note on server compatibility.