The game server

Network games are controlled by one computer, known as the game server. Any copy of iConquer can run as a game server, and the server can be switched on and off.

To start the game server, choose "Start Server" from the Network menu.

You can choose to automatically start the game server when the program launches.

The Server Status window allows you to easily start and stop the server, as well as monitor who is connected.

To display the Server Status window, choose "Server Status" from the Network menu, or click the Server Status button in the toolbar.

The name and address of the server, starting with "iconquer://", are displayed below the "Stop" button. You can email the address to other players or add it to your web page. Clicking on the link will launch iConquer and connect to your server.

You can also iChat with or disconnect individual users. In addition, the Server Status toolbar button conveniently shows whether the server is running and the number of connected users.

When all the players have joined, start a new game. The connected players will be listed in the New Game dialog. When the game begins, play proceeds as normal.