Downloading map and player plug-ins

iConquer allows you to customize your gaming experience by downloading map and player plug-ins.

Choose "Get Plug-ins" from the iConquer application menu.

The Plug-ins window will display information about the plug-ins that are currently installed, as well as information on new plug-ins that are available for download from the Internet. The table lists the name, author, type (map or player), version, and status. Click a plugin to see additional information, such as a description and a graphical preview.

To download a plugin, select it and then click the "Install" button in the drawer.

New plug-ins are available for use immediately. To switch to a different map, choose it from the map menu or simply double-click it in the list of plug-ins. New players will be available when you start a new game. To use updated player plug-ins, quit iConquer and launch the program again.

iConquer automatically checks for new plug-ins when the program is launched.

You can customize which plug-ins are displayed using the "Show" popup menu. Only plug-ins whose type and status are checked will be included in the list. For example, to show just the new maps, check "New" and "Maps".

If you don't want to download a new plug-in, you can select it and choose "Ignore" to remove it from the list. To see plug-ins you've ignored, choose "Ignored" from the Show popup menu.

To delete an installed plug-in, select it and click "Delete".