You can view statistics on the current game at any time.

Choose Statistics from the Game menu.

For each player, the statistics panel shows:

Statistics for the current player are displayed in bold. The statistics are updated in real time, and eliminated players are removed.

To change a player's color, click the color well for a player, and then choose a different color from the color picker. To change a player's name, click on the name, type a different name, and hit return.

To change a player's type, choose a different type from the popup menu. If you choose "Random", iConquer will pick a player type for you. If you choose "Secret", the player type will not be displayed.

(In network games, these changes can only be made on the server.)

In addition, the Statistics panel shows the turn number and the number of armies that the next set of cards will be worth.

You can make the window smaller by clicking the green zoom button in the titlebar, which will shrink the window to show just the color, name, and type of the players.