Using the toolbar

The iConquer toolbar is customizable with a variety of buttons:

To customize the toolbar, choose Customize Toolbar... from the View menu. You can then drag items to or from the toolbar and change how items are displayed.

Certain toolbar items change their appearance. For example, the Connect button shows the number of servers available on the local network. When you are connected the Connect button changes to Disconnect:

Connect to Server  Disconnect

The Server Status button shows the number of connected players in the icon, and is drawn in gray when the server is off:

Server Status.jpg  Server Status.jpg

Some toolbar buttons are only available at certain times. For example, the iChat icon is only available when several players are connected.

The Current Player toolbar item shows the name of the current player. You can add this item to the toolbar in place of the flexible space. If text labels are shown, statistics on the current player will be displayed. Clicking the name of the current player will toggle which statistics are shown.