Computer strategies

iConquer has six built-in computer strategies. You can also download player plug-ins that provide additional computer players.


Aggressive players try their hardest to win.

When picking countries, they will not only try to acquire whole continents, but they will also try to prevent other players from doing so.

When attacking, they will try to occupy whole continents and eliminate other players. If they see that another player owns a whole continent, they'll do their best to get at least one country on that continent.


Unpredictable players generally try to stir things up. They do everything randomly, but don't underestimate them—they'll still try to win.


Defensive players will remain peaceful unless provoked. They will generally not attack other countries, but they will try very hard to reacquire any countries they have ever owned. And defensive players never forget which countries those are.

Defensive players will, however, attack countries they have never owned in an effort to blaze a path back to one of their countries. And once a defensive player conquers a country, it gets very attached to it. A defensive player who has owned many countries on the map behaves very much like an aggressive player.

It's possible to manipulate defensive players to your advantage. Suppose that a peaceful defensive player has one country near territory you control, and the rest of their countries on the other side of the map. If you take the one country, they will go on a rampage against other players to get back that country!


Anti-Human players simply try to eliminate Human players. It's very difficult to play against several Anti-Human players at once!


Cheaters will occasionally break the rules a little bit. When picking countries, they may sneak pick two countries when it is their turn to pick one. When attacking, they may steal armies from the country they are attacking. And when turning in cards, they may steal cards from other players.


The Vindictive player remembers who attacks it, and attacks them back! The more you attack a Vindictive player, the more it will attack you.