Turning in cards

The deck

The deck consists of 44 cards. There is one card for each country. Each of these cards belongs to one of three suits. In addition, there are two wild cards that belong to all three suits.

You receive a card at the end of each turn in which you conquer at least one country.


Sets contain three cards: three cards of the same suit, one card of each suit, or any two cards and a wild card.

Turning in cards

If you have cards, you can view them at any time.

Click the Cards button.

You can turn in cards while placing armies. You must turn in cards if you have five or more.

When conquering a player's last country, they are eliminated and you capture their cards. If this causes you to have five or more cards, you must turn in cards in the middle of your turn.

Selecting cards

When the cards sheet drops down, you can select cards to turn in. Selected cards are displayed with a shadow. The best cards are already selected for you.

If you wish to turn in different cards, click a card to select or deselect it. Then click OK.

Set values

The first set of cards turned in is worth five armies. The value of each subsequent set turned in by any player increases by 0, 1, or 5 armies depending on the value of card sets preference.

In addition, you receive two armies on each country you own whose card is turned in.

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