Starting a new game

To start a new game, click the new game toolbar button.

iConquer is played by two to six players. To change the number of players, click the - and + buttons.

Each player is identified by a unique color and name. To change a player's color, click the color next to their name to display the color picker.

Each player can be a human or one of several computer personalities. You can change a player's type by selecting it from the popup menu next to their name.

You can let the computer pick a player type at random by choosing "Random" from the popup menu. If you choose "Secret", the computer will also pick a player type randomly, but it will not let you know which one it picked.

If network players are connected, they will appear in the list in place of the regular players. Network players choose their color and name when they connect, so they cannot be changed.

In the first part of the game, players select their initial countries. For a quick game, the computer can randomly select countries for each player. You can specify your preference by clicking "assign randomly" or "pick manually."

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