The Shoebox Window

The Shoebox window has two parts. The top half lets you browse your photos by folder, category, search criteria—or directly from your camera. The bottom half lets you view photos by thumbnail, in a list, or one photo at a time.

The categories window lets you create, edit, and rearrange your categories. You can also quickly add a category to the selected photos, or display all the photos in a category. To find a category in the outline, type the first few letters of its name.

The info window can show you lots of information about the seleted photo—a preview, info like the name and date, camera data, comments—but most important, the categories that the picture is in. To add the selected photos to a category, type the first few letters of the category's name.

The search field in the toolbar lets you quickly find the photos you're looking for. Begin typing the name of a category, and Shoebox will instantly show you the search results. You can further refine your search—for example, you can match any or all criteria, or search for certain kinds of categories.

Navigating around your photo collection is easy. You can add any folder, category, or search to the Favorites menu. The Browse menu shows your history. To see the pictures in a category, click the arrow next to it.