To search for photos, choose Browse by Search Criteria or click the magnifying glass in the Browse toolbar item.

Each search contains one or more criteria. Click the and buttons to add and remove criteria.

You can search by category, date, place, person, thing, rating, or file name using the popup menus.

There is a popup menu that lets you choose whether to match any or all critera.

Click the Search button to perform the search.

Click the New button to start a new search.

Using the Search field

As a shortcut, you can enter some search terms in the Search field in the toolbar. A new search will be created with a criterion for each search term.

Click the magnifying glass icon in the search field to show a popup menu of recent searches. Choose "Clear Searches" to clear the list. Clearing the history also clears the list.

To join several words into one search term, enclose them in "double quotes".

You can go straight to any category, favorite, or recent folder by typing its name.

You can also search for a specific date. Again, searches that include several words must be enclosed in "double quotes". Or, just start the search with the word date. For example:

You can also add a year to the search terms to confine results to just that year, e.g. "green frogs 2005".

Searching for Similar photos

You search for photos similar to the current one by choosing from the Photos Show Photos with Same... menu.

You can search for photos with the same date, place, people, or things. For the latter two, you can choose whether photos must match any or all categories. Or, you can search for photos that match any category.

Show Related Photos

If you've spent time naming your photos, Shoebox can help you assign them to categories. Click a category in the outline, and choose Categories Show Related Photos.

Shoebox will search for all photos whose file name contains the category's name, and which aren't in the category. You can then choose which photos to add to the category.

Services menu

You can search for the selected text in any application by choosing Services Search.