Info Window

The Info window shoes detailed information about the selected photos. To show the Info window, choose View Show Info (⌘I) or click the Info button in the toolbar.

The Info window is divided into several sections. To expand or collapse a section, click its header.

The Preview section shows a small version of the selected photo. (Shoebox will perform better if you collapse the preview section.)

The Name section lets you edit the photo's name.

The Info section shows the kind, file size, date, camera, and image size. You can customize how camera names are displayed the Camera Names tab of the Camera preferences.

The Folder section shows the path to the folder that contains the selected photo. Click the button to browse that folder. Double-click the path to open the folder in the Finder.

The Rating section shows the photo's rating. Click a star to change the rating.

The When, Where, Who, and What sections show the categories the photo is in. Categories that aren't in the Dates, People, Places, or Things categories will be displayed in the Etc. secion.

Click the button to browse a category, and click the button to remove the photo from the category. Double-click a category to reveal it in the Categories drawer. If you point to a category, the tooltip will show the full path (e.g. /Places/Europe/France/Paris).

The Backups section shows which discs the photo is on.

The Exposure section shows the EXIF metadata for the photo. You can customize which properties are displayed in the Exposure Properties tab of the Camera preferences. For example, you could uncheck everything except for Exposure Time, F-Number, ISO Speed, and Flash.

The Comments section lets you edit the Finder comments of the picture.