Cameras time-stamp photos with the date they are taken, and Shoebox can use this information to add photos to a date category. For example, a photo taken on February 25, 2005 would be added to /Dates/2005/February/25.

Photos are automatically added to a date category when you add photos in a folder, download them from a camera, or import them from iPhoto.

You can manually add photos to the appropriate date category by choosing Photos Dates Add to Date Category.

Photos with dates before a certain year are added to the "Early Photos" category. You can choose the earliest year category in the Categories preferences. If you choose a different year, photos will be recategorized accordingly.

In the Categories preferences, you can also choose whether to use relative dates. Recent dates will be displayed as "yesterday" or "today" throughout the program, and you can enter relative dates in the "add a cateogry" combo box and search field.

Fixing incorrect dates

If the clock on your camera was set incorrectly when you took some photos, you can adjust the date of the selected photos by a specific time interval. Choose Photos Dates Adjust Date. Enter the number of years and days to adjust the date by, or enter the correct date to automatically calculate the time interval.

If the creation dates of some photos are incorrect, you can tell Shoebox to set the date from the file's metadata. Just choose Photos Dates Set Date from Metadata.