Shoebox lets you browse photos on your camera just like you browse photos in your catalog. You can even play a fullscreen slideshow, right off the camera!

When you plug in your camera, Shoebox will switch to camera mode. You can also choose Browse by Camera.

Clicking the Options button will open the Camera preferences. You can tell Shoebox to launch when a camera is plugged in, and specify a number of download options.

If you have more than one camera attached, click the arrows next to the camera icon to switch cameras.

By default, Shoebox will download photos to your pictures folder, and file them in the Shoebox folder according to date (e.g. ~/Pictures/Shoebox/2005/02/25). You can choose a different folder from the popup menu.

Select some photos and click Download. To download all the photos, click Download All. (You need to download pictures before you can add them to categories.)

If you check "Play Slideshow" in the preferences, Shoebox will show photos as they are downloaded.

Photos can be automatically added to their date category, as well as the "Recent Pictures" category. You can also choose to remove the previous batch of photos from the "Recent Pictures" category.

If you are downloading pictures from a memory card, you can eject it by clicking the Eject button. There is also a preference to eject the card automatically after downloading photos.

You can delete pictures by choosing Photos Delete from Camera. There is a preference to automatically delete pictures after downloading.