Download Shoebox
 Shoebox Shoebox MB disk imageIncludes English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Japanese languages
 Mac OS XMac OS XVersion 10.4 or laterUniversalUniversalRuns natively on Intel and PowerPC
 Web ServerWeb ServerWith PHP support
 1. Click the disk image icon to download Shoebox3. Double-click the Shoebox disk on your desktop
 2. Double-click the Shoebox.dmg file on     your computer to mount the disk image4. Drag the Shoebox application icon     to your Applications folder
 What’s new?
  • Websites
    • Shoebox now creates interactive photo websites.
    • You can automatically upload catalogs using FTP.
    • You can protect catalogs with a username and password.
  • Categories
    • The categories window lets you edit much more category information.
    • You can add comments and links to categories.
  • File formats
    • You can convert the selected photos to JPEG format.
    • Added a filter to show only JPEG or RAW photos.
  • Categories
    • Categories are now displayed in the status bar. Don't miss the new tips & tricks.
    • Adding categories now works just like addressing a message in Mail.
    • Added holidays for 2007 to the categories page.
  • Photos
    • You can now scroll through pictures using the scroll wheel.
    • Added a toolbar button to move the selected photos to the Pictures folder.
    • Creating icons, rotating, flipping and shrinking are now faster on multiprocessor Macs.
    • Restoring shrunk photos now works better.
  • Info
    • You can now display the full path and file size in the status bar.
    • You can now rate photos by clicking in the status bar.
    • You can now rename photos in the info window.
    • The info window now shows the file's kind.
  • Sorting
    • Numbers are now ordered correctly when sorting by filename: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 10.jpg.
    • You can now sort photos by full path, so that photos in the same folder are displayed together.
  • Etc.
    • Shoebox now requires Mac OS X version 10.4 or later.
    • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X version 10.5.
    • Improved the registration process.
    • Improved the Italian localization.
  • Interface
    • The categories and info have been moved from drawers to separate windows.
    • Windows have been updated with the unified toolbar look.
  • Backup
    • You can now backup photos to an external hard disk.
    • Added an option to only shrink photos with less than a certain rating.
  • Universal Binary
    • Shoebox now runs natively on PowerPC and Intel processors.
  • Discs
    • You can catalog your entire archive of photos on CD or DVD discs.
    • You can burn photos to CD or DVD discs.
  • Shrinking
    • You can shrink photos to save space on your hard disk. If you insert a backup disc, Shoebox will automatically display the original versions of shrunk photos.
    • You can restore the original version of a photo from a backup disc.
  • Categories
    • You can now create additional top-level categories.
    • Added new Discs and Etc. sections to the info drawer and list view.
  • Photos
    • Shoebox now remembers the selected photos when you go back in the history.
    • Added a menu item to remove the selected files from the list.
    • The file size now matches what is displayed in the Finder.
  • Slideshow
    • You can now choose whether to display thumbnails or photos on the second display.
    • Added a menu item for toggling random slideshows.
    • The previous and next commands now work better in random slideshows.
  • Spotlight
    • You can now search your photos using Spotlight.
    • You can now create smart folders for categories and searches.
      (See the FAQ for more information.)
  • Keywords
    • You can now add categories to IPTC keywords.
    • You can now get categories from IPTC keywords.
  • Importing
    • You can now import photos from Canto Cumulus.
    • Improved support for importing from iPhoto 5.0.2.
  • Photos
    • Added a preference to automatically rotate photos according to the camera’s orientation sensor.
    • Added support for Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) files.
    • Improved the display of some exposure properties.
  • Interface
    • You can now hit return to toggle between photo and list views.
    • Added action menus to the categories drawer and the search panel.
    • Added a “Copy to Shoebox Folder” item to the Photos menu.
    • The “Add to same categories as...” menu item now refers to the most recently selected photo,
      rather than the previous photo in the list.
  • Languages
    • French localization (thanks to Alain Rzepecky and Frédéric Latour).
    • German localization (thanks to Martin Kerz).
    • Japanese localization (thanks to Chuck Douglas).
    • Dutch localization (thanks to Tom Klaver).
  • Shoebox can now display RAW files from most cameras.
  • Creating thumbnails is now twice as fast.
  • Rotating/flipping photos is now much faster, and lossless too.
  • Added an option in Category Info to sort categories manually.
  • Browser columns are now resizable.