Tips & Tricks


To find new music, try sorting the catalog by date added.

To find music that doesn't have artwork, sort by artwork.

Use the option key to make the commands in the Artwork menu apply to all your music.

Double-click an item in the outline to “do the right thing”:

You can double-click a product in the custom search results to open its page on

KavaTunes won't overwrite existing artwork. To replace artwork, delete it first. To replace artwork in iTunes, choose “Delete Artwork from iTunes” first.

KavaTunes stores artwork in the music folder. Choose Artwork Import Artwork from iTunes Catalog 1.x to copy artwork from the old location.

Navigating Catalogs

Click an artist name to see all music by that artist. Click an album name to see that album.

Click the arrow next to a song's title to buy it on the iTunes Store.

Click the name of a song to play it in the browser.

Click the artwork to open it in a larger window.

Type some keywords in the search field to search the catalog.

Click on Library to back to the home page.

Click on Party Shuffle to show 25 random tracks from your library.

Click the iPod icon to open the iPod browser.

Click the back button on the clickwheel to go back in the iPod browser.

Click the next/previous buttons on the clickwheel to go the next/previous page of songs.


You can choose what music to include in the catalog in the Playlists preferences.

You can link directly to artists, albums and playlists in both the iTunes and iPod templates.

You can show the composer and comments columns in the iTunes template by editing its preferences file.

You can link to specific iPod models and colors in the iPod template. You can customize the default model and color by editing the template's preferences file.