Server compatibility


KavaTunes creates dynamic web catalogs that use the PHP scripting language. The catalog consists of templates that define the layout of each page, and data files that describe your music library. When the web server receives a request for a page, such as the results of a search, it dynamically creates an HTML page based on the templates and the data files.

File Access

To view the catalog, your web server needs to process the pages using PHP. If you try to view the catalog using a file:// URL, the web server is not involved and so the files will not be properly processed. In this case, the home page will display a message explaining how to set up your web server.

Web Sharing

Personal Web Sharing in Mac OS X includes support for PHP, but it is disabled by default. To enable PHP on your computer, open the Publishing preferences and click the “Enable PHP” button.

Web Hosting

Unless your computer is always available on the internet, you may prefer to have your website professionally hosted. You should check with your hosting provider to make sure that they support PHP on their server. (For example, at this time .Mac does not support PHP.) If you're not sure, try uploading a catalog and see if it works. If not, you'll see a message explaining that PHP is not enabled.

If you don't have a server that supports PHP and FTP, choose “Get Hosting” from the application menu. KavaSoft has partnered with Host for Web to offer full-featured web hosting from only $4.99 per month. As an added benefit, you can get a personalized domain name for your website.