iTunes template

When you open the catalog in your web browser, it will display a web page that looks just like iTunes! You can browse your music by genre, artist, or album just like you can in iTunes.

The home page shows links to recently added, recently played, most played and top rated music. Clicking an iPod will open the iPod browser in a popup window.

You can search the catalog by typing some keywords in the search field. If you are using Safari 2.0 or OmniWeb 5.5, the search field will have a rounded look and remember recent search terms.

Clicking a playlist in the sidebar will show the songs in that playlist. Clicking “Party Shuffle” will show 25 random songs. Clicking “iPod” will open the iPod browser. Clicking “Library” will return to the home page.

When you click an album in the browser, its artwork will appear in the lower-left part of the window. If you click the artwork, it will display a larger version in a popup window. For best results, include full-size artwork in the catalog.

When you click the name of a song, the catalog can play the song file in the browser using the QuickTime plugin. You can continue browsing, and the song will keep playing. You can tell KavaTunes where your music is located in the Music preferences.

Click the name of an artist or album to see all the music by that artist, or on that album. Click the arrow next to an artist, album or song to go to the iTunes Store.


You can link directly to an artist, album or playlist in the catalog. Use the artist, album or playlist name in lower case, with punctuation removed and spaces converted to underscores.


You can link to search results as well. Separate search terms with pluses.



You can customize several attributes of the iTunes template by editing the file itunes/prefs.php in the catalog folder.