iPod template

The iPod template is like a virtual iPod in your web browser! You can browse through music just like on a iPod, and even play music right in your browser.

To open the iPod browser, click the iPod link in the source column, or one of the iPods on the home page. You can choose from several iPod models and colors, such as a white iPod video or a black iPod nano.

You can navigate by clicking on items in the list. To go back, click the menu button. On the “Now Playing” screen, you can use the next and previous buttons too.

When you browse to a song, it will start playing using QuickTime player if the music file is available. You can tell KavaTunes where your music is located in the Music preferences.


You can link directly to an artist or album. Use the artist or album name in lower case, with punctuation removed and spaces converted to underscores.


You can also specify the model and color in the URL.



You can customize several attributes of the iPod template by editing the file ipod/prefs.php in the catalog folder.