Doing things with music

Playing Music

Click a song and choose Music Play in iTunes to play the song. If you select an album or artist, iTunes will play the first song.

Show in Finder

Click and item and choose Music Show in Finder to select the artist or album folder or the song file in the Finder.

Buying Music

You can download an album from the iTunes Store, or order a CD from Amazon. Choose Music Buy at iTunes Store or Buy at Amazon.


You can search Google's music database and the rest of the web by choosing Music Search Google. You can jump right to the lyrics using the “I'm feeling lucky” feature by choosing Music Get Lyrics.


Musicmobs is a community for iTunes users that allows you to share your listening habits and discover new music. If you click an artist and choose Music Search Musicmobs, you can connect with other users who listen to similar music.

KavaTunes lets you upload play counts for each of your albums to the Musicmobs website. This is much faster than uploading your iTunes XML file, since less information needs to be sent. Choose Music Update my Musicmobs page, enter your username and password, and click Update. If you don't have an account, click Sign Up.


You can search a variety of music websites, such as All Music Guide, by choosing them from the Music menu.