Catalog preferences

You can customize how music is organized in the Catalog preferences.

Catalog name

You can set a custom catalog name, which will appear at the top of the catalog website.

Music source

You can choose whether catalogs should be created from iTunes, or from your iPod. You can always create either kind of catalog by choosing File New Catalog or File New iPod Catalog.

Arrange artists

You can arrange artists by genre, or ignore genres and sort artists alphabetically.

Arrange compilations

Compulations are albums that have music by different artists, such as soundtracks. You can group all songs on a compilation together, or sort them separately by artist.

Sort albums

By default, each artist's albums are listed chronologically, in the order that they were released. You can also sort them by name. If your music doesn't have the years filled in, KavaTunes can look up years for you.

Version checking

KavaTunes can tell you when there's a new version of the program. If you don't want to be notified, uncheck the box.