Working with Images

Working with Images

To send the selected images using Mail, choose Images Send Email (⎇⌘E). In the image preferences, you can choose whether to reduce pictures to a smaller size, such as 800 pixels.

To make the selected photo your desktop picture, choose Images Make Desktop Picture (⎇⌘D). Or, you can drag a photo from the list to the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences.

To reveal the selected photo in the Finder, choose Images Reveal in Finder (⎇⌘F).

Editing Images

You can rotate images by choosing Images Rotate/Flip Rotate Counter-clockwise (⌘{), Rotate Clockwise (⌘}), or Rotate 180° (⌘@). You can flip them by choosing Flip Horizontal (⌘|) or Flip Vertical. You can also add rotate buttons to the toolbar.

Opening Images

You can open a photo in a new window by choosing Images Open in New Window (⎇⌘O). Photo windows do not have scrollbars. When you resize the window, the photo is scaled.

You can open the selected images in another application, such as Adobe Photoshop. Choose an application from the Images Open with... menu. Choose "Default application" to open each photo as if you double-clicked it in the Finder. Choose "Other..." to choose a different application.

In image preferences, you can customize what happens when you double-click a photo. You can choose to show the photo in slideshow view, open it in a new window, or open it in a chosen application. To open a photo with the chosen application, you can also click its icon in the toolbar or hit ⌘O.

After editing images in another application, you can choose View Refresh (⌘R) to see changes in HyperImage.

Selecting Images

To select all the displayed images, choose Edit Select All (⌘A).

To select all the duplicate images in the results, choose Edit Select Duplicates. Files with names like img.jpg, img.1.jpg, and img.2.jpg are considered duplicates. To delete all the duplicate files in a folder, select the duplicates and then choose Images Move to Trash (⌘⌫).

To select all the images in the same series as the seleted photo, choose Edit Select Series (⎇⌘S). Files with names like img1.jpg, img2.jpg, and img3.jpg are considered to be in a series.

Deleting Images

To delete the selected images, choose Images Move to Trash (⌘⌫). To delete a folder, click on it in the browser and choose Move to Trash.

If you delete all images in a folder, HyperImage will automatically delete the empty folder. This helps to keep the folder structure tidy when deleting unwanted images.