Tips & Tricks


You can download images in a series by entering the address with a numeric range in brackets [001-999].

You can download several addresses at once by choosing File Download with Options.

You can download the selected address in any program by choosing Services Download with HyperImage.

You can cancel a single download by selecting it in the activity viewer and clicking the stop button.


Double-click a folder in the browser or the Info window to open it in the Finder.

In the browser preferences, you can choose what happens when you double-click a photo.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can hit the return key to display the selected photo, and then hit return again to go back to the list.

You can control how HyperImage displays images using the top row of the keyboard.

In full screen mode, you can hit the R key to toggle random slideshow, and the 6 key to expand small images.

Modifier Keys

Hold down the option key while choosing Images Create Thumbnail to update thumbnails for images that already have a custom icon.

Right-click a photo to show the Images menu.

Right-click a list column header to show the Columns menu.