HyperImage includes an image browser that lets you view images as they download, as well as images in any folder on your computer.

The folder browser shows a view of your hard disk, just like in the Finder. When you click a folder, its subfolders are displayed in the next column, and its files are displayed in the viewer.

View Options

Check View Show Downloaded Images to have HyperImage display each image as it is downloaded. You can even view images full screen by choosing View Full Screen. If you are in thumbnail or list view, each downloaded image will be selected in the list.

Check View Show Images in Subfolders to see images in the selected folder and all subfolders, or uncheck it to see just images in the selected folder.

Check View Show Image Files to only include files with image file extensions (e.g. jpg, gif, png) in the results. Otherwise, all files will be displayed.


Choose View Refresh (⌘R) to update the displayed images.

Double-click a folder in the browser to open it in the Finder.

Click the button next to a folder in the Info window to go to that folder in the browser.